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Bearings, linear motion products and parts of industrial equipment.

1. Goods.
BERG sells high quality bearings, linear motion and related products mostly on the basis of distribution agreements and direct contacts with products manufacturer ( BERG established in 1998 has been SKF distributor since 1999 and has become one of the biggest SKF distributors in Russia and one of the biggest suppliers of imported bearings and related products. BERG is an official distributor of European, Japanese, American manufacturers in Russia. BERG AB is a member of EPTDA.

2. Customers.
More than 1500 customers (small, medium and large size companies), including OEM in food/beverage, pharmaceutical, construction, wood, mining, metalworking, oil upstream and downstream, transport, chemical, machine tools, aero and space, printing industries choose BERG as a supplier.

3. Regions.
Moscow office and representative in Omsk (Siberia) ship the goods all over Russia and to Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Byelorussia.

4. Staff. Customer support.
Good educated and experienced 18 persons staff (8 English, 1 German speaking), including 7 sales engineers make offers and support our customers technically.

5. Translation, promotion, advertising.
BERG is a reliable supplier of proper and updated technical information in Russian language. (It prevents misunderstanding of poor translation of professional interpreters by Russian speaking technicians). This information spreads through Russian speakers via a system of web sites,,,,,,,,,, keeping high positions in searching engines. More than 15000 copies of new technical leaflet in Russian and a lot of ads in phone and reference books are published every year.

6. Stock.
Stock has more than 2000 lines of bearings and other products of total amount 400 KEUR.

7. Logistics.
All the goods are collected at a stock of our forwarding company in Germany. It takes 2 weeks including formal procedures (confirmation of export from EU and Customs clearance in Russia) to move the goods from Germany to Moscow by trucks. BERG ships the goods through Russia in 1-5 days by trucks, trains and air.

8. Some finance.
Turnover of 2008 year was 4 MEUR. BERG has credit lines from SKF and some other manufacturers.

We represent your good quality products at Russian Market.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.
Dr. Vladi Fedorov, CEO, ph +7-495-7-272-272, fax +7-495-223-30-71

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